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Bahlsen Messino Jaffa Cakes Dark Chocolate 125g

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Oozing with chocolate orangy goodness, Bahlsen Jaffa Cake are the Jaffa Cakes with edge. A light sponge biscuit with a full layer of zesty orange jelly and a delicate dark chocolate topping, take these biscuits (or cakes) to the next level.

A zesty tang brings the intense fruity flavours to life in these Luxury Jaffa Cakes, presenting an indulgent treat with flavours so perfectly balanced even those with the most discerning taste buds will be making noises of mmmm.

Perfectly matched with a cup of tea and a friend or two, or enjoyed as part of a stolen solo moment, they're the luxury indulgence that will have you feeling a little bit fancy.

Since 1889, Bahlsen only ever used the finest ingredients, something we have remained committed to throughout our long history. This is why Bahlsen supports sustainable cocoa farming with UTZ certified cocoa.

No added preservatives, artificial colours and hydrogenated fats.
Suitable for vegetarians.
No added preservatives, artificial colours or hydrogenated fats
Country of Origin

Suitable for vegetarians