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Clearspring Demeter Basilico Pasta Sauce 300g

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Pasta sauce with sun-ripened tomatoes and fragrant basil

A classic Basilico sauce made to an authentic Italian recipe.

Biodynamic & Demeter - Demeter is the quality mark for produce that has been grown biodynamically and the products that use both Demeter produce and approved processes. Named after the Greek goddess of agriculture, this quality mark ensures that food meets the highest quality standards, carefully grown, gently processed and packed.

What is biodynamic farming? - Biodynamic agriculture is the oldest form of organised ecological agriculture, which has its roots in 1924 and has been in a continuous process of development ever since, resulting in methods that are applied on every continent across the world. Biodynamics takes the approach that agriculture can be a cooperation between human beings and nature, where the processes of nature are not only respected but supported to be regenerative for the soil, plants, animals and humans involved.

Please see our Clearspring webpage for more details.
Organic, Gluten free, No added sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars, Vegan, Kosher - P

Suitable for the microwaveOrganicSuitable for vegetarians