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Erbology Organic Gluten Free Tigernut Granola with Nopal Cactus 220g

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This is no ordinary granola.

We've swapped the oats, oils and sugar in lots of other granolas for health-boosting, natural ingredients that will get your day off to a flying start. Our generous, seed-packed and slightly crumbly flakes are made with healthy chia seeds and mineral-rich nopal cactus for a unique flavour. And instead of adding refined sugar, we sweeten our granola naturally with apples, dates and raisins for a moreish, healthy breakfast.
We make our granola with tigernut, a sweet tuber packed with iron, magnesium and fibre. It's an excellent natural prebiotic, which means that it supports the 'good' bacteria in your gut and contributes to healthy digestion and overall wellbeing.
We add chia seeds, which are naturally high in protein and fibre, and. nopal cactus, a beloved ingredient in Mexican cooking. Nopal cactus is a nutritional powerhouse, adding fibre, calcium, magnesium and flavonoids to your breakfast. Flavonoids are phytonutrients which help fight oxidative stress in the body.
Our granola makes a tasty breakfast with yoghurt or milk and berries, or try a handful as an easy grab-and-go snack.
Organic, Raw, Activated. 14g/100g fibre. Nut-free. No refined sugar. Gluten-free. Suitable for vegans.
Organic, Activated, Raw, 14g/100g fibre, No refined sugar, Gluten-free, Suitable for vegans
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OrganicSuitable for vegetarians