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Garofalo Lasagne Sheets 500g

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Lasagna is wide, flat pasta. The name is derived from the Latin word Lagana meaning strips of pasta cooked in oil. It is one of the oldest types of pasta but also refers to the dish made with this shape that layers the pasta alternately with sauces and various other ingredients.

Premium Italian pasta maker Garofalo has been making high quality pasta since 1789 in Gragnano near Naples, the birth place of pasta in Italy.

Garofalo has always been a reference point for the high quality of its product and production processes, made now even more effective thanks to the combination of technology and century long artisan know how.

Pasta is simply made with water and durum wheat semolina and you can't produce excellent pasta if the best wheat is not used. It is the quality and quantity of gluten present primarily that determines the quality of the wheat. Garofalo uses only high quality robust durum wheat in its signature pasta ranges.

Garofalo pasta is formed through a bronze die this method allows a little friction on the surface of the pasta, which becomes slightly rough and porous allowing the sauce to cling and be absorbed into the pasta giving a delightful eating experience!
Ready for the oven, Suitable for vegetarians, Kosher
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Suitable for vegetarians