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Golden Black Organic Greek Corinth Currants 200g

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Natoora Organic Greek Corinth Currants 

- Organic currants sourced direct from a small scale producer in southern Greece. 

- Their deep blue, almost black colour and intense concentration of flavour comes from the traditional natural cultivation and production process. 

- The grapes are hand-harvested from vineyards that are entirely organically cultivated, with methods driven by the exceptional quality of the grapes rather than yield. 

- All grapes are collected in the final two weeks of August, when the fruit has absorbed the maximum concentration of natural sugars and nutrients. 

- The harvest is then hung in individual bunches under handmade sunshades - “Skies” or “Iskiades” - that protect the grapes from intense sunlight. 

- After 30 to 60 days with constant daily checking of the drying process, the nearly-dried grapes are taken down from the sunshades and placed by hand in a threshing floor, where they are left in the sun for two days to complete the drying process. 

- To finish, when the raisins are fully dried, the grapes are hand-grated to separate the stem from the berries. 

Take it further

- Soaked in red wine vinegar, tossed through salad. 

- Poached in honey syrup, stirred through yoghurt.

Natoora's radical approach to seasonal sourcing is shaping the future of food

- We are revolutionising the food system. 

- We work direct with growers who value flavour, biodiversity and heritage over yield.  

- We give them the support they need to build a better future for food, rooted in small scale, sustainable agriculture that gives back to our planet.

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