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Goodbelly Apple, Cranberry & Pumpkin Seeds 350ml

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At GoodBelly®
We like to mix it up in the kitchen whenever possible, taking humble cereal to new heights - in this case with a recipe we believe is truly tasty and also good for your gut. This combination of ingredients was carefully chosen to bring you a variety of textures and flavours, satisfying your taste buds at the same time as giving your gut a healthy start†
We hope you love it as much as we do.
High in oat fibre for healthy digestion†
†Oat grain fibre contributes to an increase in faecal bulk.
A healthy gut is a happy gut
Although there's still a lot to learn about how the diet influences gut health, one thing is clear for us: feeding your gut with oat fibre is an excellent way to help keep it healthy.
With Live cultures
Each serving of GoodBelly contains cereal pieces coated with Bifidobacterium Lactis cultures and unlike other foods with live cultures, our cereals don't need refrigeration
Trust us. It's breakfast. But not as you know it!
A tasty way to help you take care of your gut health!

Our Recipe
We've thoughtfully chosen every single ingredient in our recipe - from our wholesome oat flakes, chewy apples and tangy cranberries, all the way to our deliciously crunchy pumpkin seeds. And we definitely made sure to avoid any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners!
High in Oat Fibre for healthy digestion, Gut-friendly Wholegrain Oat Flakes, With Bifidobacterium Lactis cultures

Suitable for vegetarians