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Hedrin Protect & Go Conditioning Spray 200ml

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Hedrin Protect & Go® you can actively protect your children against head lice infestations - and help keep their hair looking healthy too.

This clinically-proven conditioning spray works by killing lice before an infestation can take hold. Just spray it on and leave it to work; it's as easy as that.

Use Hedrin Protect & Go® regularly whenever head lice are prevalent - especially during social activities such as play dates, parties, sleepovers and when children go back to school.
Protection, Helps stop head lice taking hold, Use regularly like a normal spray-in conditioner, Activdiol 1%, Treats up to 8x heads, Gentle detangling formula, Protects and conditions, Skin friendly, Fruity orange and mango fragrance, Clinically tested on real heads