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Hot Wheels Robo Shark Frenzy Playset

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Hot Wheels Robo Shark Frenzy Playset?Hot
Wheels City is under attack by a huge robotic shark! Kids will want to find
out if they are fast enough to make it through the wave without being eaten.!
Kids start their heroic journey by dunking their car in the first cold water
chamber, then raise the lever to load the car into the launcher, and get
ready to race through the wave. The shark's mouth springs open and if the
stunt fails kids fall into his belly! Uh-oh, shark lunch. When in the giant
Robo Shark's belly the car magically changes colour! Reset the shark by
closing his mouth and try again. Kids can load into the launcher and boost as
hard as they can to get enough speed to escape the shark's jaws, make it
through the loop and to the safety of the boardwalk. The cool stunts and
colour shifting action makes this new set for 2020 a must-have. Perfect for
fueling imagination and inspiring storytelling while developing motor skills
for kids. Connects to other Hot Wheels sets (sold separately) for infinite
stunting possibilities. Includes one Hot Wheels colour shifting vehicle.