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Italianavera San Marzano DOP Ketchup 260g

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Italianavera San Marzano DOP Ketchup – the classic, every day kitchen condiment reinvented with style and authenticity for an uber cool squeeze!   Made using mainly San Marzano DOP tomatoes, the flavour is sweet, delicate, subtle and superb. 

Italianavera San Marzano DOP Ketchup – an every day kitchen condiment that can be used for dipping whatever you fancy.  Authentic, flavour-filled simplicity at its best.  The prevalence of San Marzano tomato recalls the authentic taste of a sauce with a balanced, round and delicate flavor and in which San Marzano tomato is distinctly felt. Pleasant and with sweet notes it has a unique flavor that pampers you and that you won't forget.

Italianavera – Cool, contemporary, vibrant, feminine and traditional – these are words we would use to describe the brightly packaged, gorgeously tasty Italianavera products. Throw in some childhood passion, a desire to celebrate her surroundings and territory and some strong ideals, and founder Diana Attianese has just the right amount of everything to create a standout brand.  

Italianavera truly is the story of a little girl who grew up amongst the sprawling fields of San Marzano sul Sarno, saw the red fields of tomatoes growing on a daily basis, watched the women work and was resolute in her determination to honour and applaud it all, sharing a small piece of a simple, yet hugely impactful part of her narrative with others. Celebrating tradition, heritage, simplicity, quality and provenance, Italianavera is relevant to every contemporary kitchen where fuss-free, quality food shapes every day dining.  

A selection of tomatoes are carefully selected and processed by hand within 24 hours of harvesting and do not contain any sugars or preservatives.   

Why Just Gourmet Foods loves Italianavera and its products...what’s not to love about Italianavera? The story behind it is magical and charming, each tomato is truly individual and equally flavoursome, and the brightly coloured, brilliantly designed packaging makes it all the more memorable. This is one cool collection. 

Why we think you’ll love Italianavera and its products…tomatoes in a tin, there’s nothing complicated about that and yet, the wonderful complexities and distinct flavours of each and every variety of tomato, means that a recipe can be reimagined with just one simple ingredient. From the children’s pasta dishes, where you might want to add a spoonful of sugar to further enhance the sweetness of the tomatoes, to a dinner party dish that surprises and delights, Italianavera is a must have for the cook who’s serious about both quality and taste.
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