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Jif Lemon 250ml 250ml

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Jif Lemon 250ml is frequently used on pancakes. Jif Lemon 250ml is an essential for Shrove Tuesday. Jif Lemon has been previously marketed with the slogan "Don't forget the pancakes on Jif Lemon Day".
Jif Lemon 250ml is a brand of natural strength lemon juice prepared using lemon juice concentrate. This means Jif lemon keeps fresh for longer.
Jif Lemon comes in a 250ml glass bottle which is great for use in higher quantities. Jif Lemon is also available in a 100ml lemon shaped bottle with a round bottom to add stability while standing.
Jif Lemon 250ml is not just for pancakes on pancake day, it can also be used to enhance flavour and taste in different dishes. Add Jif Lemon 250ml to your salads or seafood dishes to enhance flavour. You can also use Jif Lemon 250ml to make different sauces. Jif Lemon 250ml is also great as a condiment on its own. Jif Lemon 250ml is particularly handy because of its long shelf life, much longer than a fresh lemon!
Jif Lemon 250ml can be used in recipes that require or recommend the use of lemon juice. Jif Lemon 250ml is a great way of adding low calorie flavour to dishes.
Jif Lemon; it's lemon juice in a Jif.
Lemon juice in a Jif, Perfect with pancakes, Suitable for vegans, Great on seafood and salads, Keeps a fresh taste for longer, Don't forget your pancakes on Jif Lemon Day!
Country of Origin
United Kingdom