Kit & Kin Size 1 Nappies Panda & Bear 40 per pack - Nuline Traders

Kit & Kin Size 1 Nappies Panda & Bear 40 per pack

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What’s in our nappy?
Outer lining: 100% sustainable materials
Inner lining: 100% sustainable materials
Leg cuffs: 100% sustainable materials
Absorbent core: Totally chlorine free FSC® certified fluff pulp and bio-based* SAP
Packaging: 100% sustainable

We use sustainable, plant-derived materials in contrast to most standard nappies, which are made from oil-based plastics.

*based on mass balance
Protecting Your World, Naturally, 0% chlorine, latex, perfume, lotions, Flash dry, Channel technology, Secure leak barrier, Lamb & owl designs, Allergy Certified, Carbon neutral plant, World Land Trust, Cruelty free, Suitable for vegans
Country of Origin
Produce of the EU