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La Focaccina Bo Onion Baby Focaccina 80g

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Onion Baby Focaccina

Cubes of handmade focaccia made with rice oil and no lard

Panificio Bo has a long history, founded in 1820 in Rocchetta Tanaro, a small town in the middle of Monferrato, just 60km from Asti.  Over the course of few decades it has grown from a small village bakery to a modern company able to meet the needs of the market, but always respecting tradition.

Because of their love of good food and hand-made products, Panificio Bo still follows old recipes and practices, making high-quality genuine products.

Ingredients are carefully selected, and all products are handmade according to Piedmontese tradition.

Recipes are simple: few ingredients, no preservatives and hand-crafted production are all that is needed to make genuine and tasty products that are easily digestible.

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Suitable for vegetarians