Love Boo Children's Natural Conditioner 250ml

Love Boo Children's Natural Conditioner 250ml

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Love Boo's Soft & Shiny Conditioner makes stubborn knots and tangles a thing of the past. This rich, creamy conditioner is packed with shine-enhancing natural ingredients including fig, coconut and argan oil. Made here in the UK without parabens, petrochemicals and MCI, use after shampooing to leave hair super-silky, manageable and make brushing a breeze!                                                                                                                    

Key product highlights 

Fig, coconut and argan oil provide softness and shine 

Leaves hair smelling gorgeous and super-silky 

Suitable for all ages

Free from SLS, parabens and petrochemials

Not tested on animals * Made in the UK.


Suitable for vegetarians