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M&S Body Sensor School Tights, 3 Pack, Grey

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A smart pick for busy homes, we know that washing multiple uniforms isn’t easy, that’s why we’ve added permanent sizing to the inner waistband of these children’s tights, so you can easily identify which pair belongs to who, plus, with our Freshfeet™ technology, cleaning is all the easier, with odours being kept at bay. 

Designed to keep busy school kids cool when it's warm and nice and warm when the weather turns, these Body Sensor™ tights are a school uniform must have.

62% cotton, 34% polyamide and 4% elastane lycra®

- Pack Size: 3 pairs of tights per pack 

- Our cotton products support more sustainable cotton farming

- Features permanent sizing in the waistband to help easily identify each siblings tights after washing

- Added stretch

- Freshfeet™ Technology