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Naty Clean Potty System

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Clean Potty by Eco by Naty is the revolutionary potty with disposable, flushable liners. Potty training has always been dirty business, but with the intelligent design of Clean Potty, there will be no need to clean a potty ever again. It is a timesaving solution for busy parents who would much rather spend quality time with their children instead of cleaning up their mess. Additionally, Clean Potty is made out of 95% renewable material - no plastic to be found.
The flushable/biodegradable liner for Eco by Naty Clean Potty is specially formulated to have appropriate water resistance and disintegration. It holds the waste without breaking down. However when flushed down the toilet the liner will start dissolving and disintegrate. The material will, under influence of bacterias and water biodegrade septic safe into biomass, and as such being eco friendly!
Time saving & mess free with flushable liners, 1 pack of liners included, Certification of 95% renewable material, No rinsing - stays clean and dry, BPA- and phthalates free, Revolutionary construction with flushable liners, No. 1 Eco certified, AB Vinçotte EU, Born in 1994
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