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NUK Thermo Express Bottle Warmer

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A bottle warmer is one of many appliances which can help make life easier for parents as it brings the milk and, later, the baby food to the right temperature quickly and efficiently. The NUK Thermo Express Bottle Warmer is perfect for all parents as in just 90 seconds* baby's milk will be gently heated with steam to the right temperature with all the important nutrients and vitamins retained, removing any worry for parents concerned about the correct temperature of baby's milk.

The NUK Thermo Express Bottle Warmer features an integrated, easy to check light which indicates the warming phase, automatic switch off once the warming phase is complete and is extra safe thanks to overheat protection.

The bottle warmer also comes with a practical basket for removing glass jars and bottles easily.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          From room to drinking temperature –120 ml fluid heated in a 240 ml bottle