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Orgran Gluten Free Mini Chocolate Cookies Multi Pack 175g

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12.8% dietary fibre
Nut, soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, milk, egg, animal derivative and yeast free
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Kosher-Parve - Melbourne Kashrut Australia
Orgran Outback Animals Mini Chocolate Cookies is a quality product made from naturally gluten free ingredients. As well as being a favourite for kids, the biscuits are rich in complex carbohydrates. They also have the benefit of psyllium for added dietary fibre. Children's food plays an important part in their development but also is the key to their general well being in later years. For many children it also is important that food is pure from specific allergens and safe enough to share with their friends.
Enjoy these cheerful, fun characters and join the circle of healthy friends with... Krissy Kangaroo, Crikey Crocodile, Kim Koala, Willy Wombat
This product is produced without the addition of dairy, eggs or animal fats and utilises specially selected ingredients to provide the most exquisite baked gluten free cookies.
Orgran is a leading brand and trusted name in naturally gluten free nutritious foods. You can be safe in the knowledge that no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives have been added to this product.
Orgran has an ongoing commitment to source Palm Oil only from suppliers that undertake environmentally sustainable practices. All palm oil used in Orgran products will be sourced from companies who are members of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and who are actively working to ensure sustainable agricultural practices, and to secure the habitat of Orangutans.
Orgran offers one of the most comprehensive range of naturally gluten free foods that include:
Award Winning Pasta, Crispbread, Biscuits, Falafel Mix, Pancake Mixes, Bread Mix, Cake Mixes, Cookies, Muesli, Breakfast Cereals, Fruit Bars, Snacks and more.
More than 80 natural products. The trusted name in more than 50 countries.
Please visit our website and discover the extensive range and the many benefits of Orgran nutritional gluten free foods.
Orgran products are relied upon by millions of consumers in more than 50 countries around the world. If like so many others you or your family has also benefited from Orgran natural foods please share your experience. Write to:
Servings per pack: 8
Produced in Australia with selected local and imported materials
Allergen Free International (AFI) Certification #A61010910
Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, milk free, egg & animal derivative free.
GFCF Approved
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Suitable for vegetarians