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PaediaSure Shake Complete Nutrition Chocolate Flavour 400g

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Whether your child is going through a fussy eating phase or you are looking for reassurance that your child is getting the vital nutrients they need, PaediaSure Shake is here to help. PaediaSure Shake provides all the essential nutrients your child may have missed out on from those uneaten greens and helps fill any nutrient gaps your child may have in their diet, helping to support their growth and development through their most critical ages, 1 - 10 years, when 70% of growth occurs.1 1. WHO, 2017: Accessed 20th March 2017.

Fatty acids, for example omega 3 and 6, to support normal growth and development of children*
*Beneficial effect of essential fatty acids is obtained with a daily intake of 10 g linoleic acid and 2 g alpha-linolenic acid.
Especially designed for children, PaediaSure Shake is a delicious drink recommended for use alongside or in between meals, that contains a balance of 26 essential vitamins and minerals, Helping to fill the gaps in your child's diet, PaediaSure Shake provides the nutrients that every child needs to grow and thrive, Protein for the maintenance of muscle mass and growth and development of bone, Vitamin D & calcium for normal bone development, Zinc, vitamin A & vitamin C to support the normal function of the immune system, Iron which supports normal cognitive development, Iodine which contributes to the normal growth of children

Suitable for freezingSuitable for vegetarians