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Raw Gorilla Original Crispies  250g - Nuline Traders

Raw Gorilla Original Crispies 250g

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Organic & Raw, Activated, Natural breakfast, 12% Protein & Fibre rich, Un-refined, Un-Glutened, Un-rubbished!, Gluten free, Grain Free, Dairy & Soy Free, Natural sugars only, Suitable for Vegan & Paleo diets & healthy people!

No Rubbish in here!

All our nuts & seeds are Activated & Organic this means they take a bath and then a light sauna to perk up (soaked in water, and dehydrated under 42°C). To aid digestion.

100% Organic

What's in Me...?

All our nuts and seeds are activated, this means they take a bath and then a light sauna to perk up (soaked in water, and dehydrated under 42ºC).


Actually, not a nut, but a tuber which grows underground. Tigernut is also known as an earth almond or chufa and has a naturally sweet and creamy taste, perfect in a raw crispies breakfast.


An ancient Peruvian root that was used by the Incas and grows in the Andes at 4000 meters altitude. Maca powder has a warming earthy taste.


Figs are divine. Soft, naturally sweet and succulent, figs are full of nature's sunshine & goodness. A taste of the Mediterranean sun all year round.

Sunflower Seeds

Sure, we love our seeds! Our organic energised Sunflower seeds give a yummy nutty taste to our crispies.

Buckwheat Seeds

This tiny seed is naturally gluten-free and has been bought to life by soaking in water and activating, just as seeds are activated in nature when it rains. We then gently dry them at a low heat.

Only naturally occurring proteins, no protein powders or fillers, and certainly no whey Jose!

Country of Origin
United Kingdom

OrganicSuitable for vegetarians