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Rollagranola Healthy Hazelnut Oat Granola 350g

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Ok, we'll be honest, we were on to a winner straight away here. Hazelnuts are in their very nature healthy, so creating Healthy hazelnut granola should be simple.
But we wanted to stay true to the little nut so didn't add any nasties to spoil the granola. Absolutely no-added-sugars will be found here. Instead we've added fruit and almonds to the hazelnuts to create one very happy, all-natural, healthy, delicious oat granola.

Nutty Tip
Hazelnuts are high in vitamin E so should help keep away those nasty colds.

Over 37% Nuts
That's nuttier than a tightrope walker walking over a pond full of hungry crocodiles!
Handcrafted luxury clusters, No added sugar, Gluten free, Vegan
Country of Origin

Suitable for freezingSuitable for vegetarians