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Rollagranola Pecan Maple Twist Oat Granola 350g

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The Perfect Blend of Pecan, Maple & Apple

A treat for anytime. We use natural maple syrup and pecans to give real, authentic flavours. Extra bite from the cashews and almonds make it super scrummy.
We think there's a hint of luxury and a gentle taste explosion from our slightly naughty mix of nuts, maple syrup, butter and ginger. Perfect for a hearty breakfast or to graze on-the-go for a little indulgence and still packed with antioxidants, just delicious.

Nutty Tip
Pecans are a rich source of manganese, a powerful antioxidant linked to nerve, brain and cognitive function.

Over 36% nuts
That's nuttier than a chipmunk's cheeks!
Handcrafted luxury clusters, Gluten free with no refined sugar
Country of Origin

Suitable for vegetarians