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Rude Health Sprouted Whole Spelt Flour 500g

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We sprout the grain so it comes to life and releases its vital nutrients

Why sprout?
What's more nourishing than a grain? A grain that's been sprouted.

Dormant food
An unsprouted grain is dormant, waiting for the right time to germinate. Its nutrients are locked up and well protected, making dormant grains harder to digest.

When soaked in water, the grain wakes up and starts to sprout. Enzyme activity breaks down growth inhibitors, transforming and multiplying nutrients into their more easily digestible forms.

Preserving the nourishment
The sprouted grain is slow dried to preserve its valuable nutrients. Then it's stone ground, creating this raw, wholegrain, sprouted flour, ready to use.

Spelt is the anarchist of grains. It's tall and wavy and hard to harvest by machine, so it's disliked by big agri-business. It keeps its most nutritious parts in the kernel, so they're not removed during milling. So you get a flour that's high in protein, light to bake with and sticks it to The Man.
Sprouted, Raw, Organic, Whole grain, Stone ground, Clean ingredients, No refined sugars, No artificial anythings, Non GM, Vegetarian Society approved, Kosher - KLBD

Suitable for the microwaveOrganicSuitable for vegetarians