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Taylor & Colledge 2 Organic Vanilla Pods 2 per pack

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These Taylor & Colledge Vanilla Pods are sourced from one of the most renowned vanilla growing regions and have a subtle, fruity aroma with hints of anise and cherry. The pods are plump and flexible - sign of high quality, which makes them easy to split and use in your favourite recipes. Ideal for creamy desserts and infusing custards, syrups and cream.

Vanilla pods are a type of owering orchid found in lush tropical regions. To create a single green vanilla pod, each orchid ower must be hand pollinated during the one day of the season the ower is open. Following a lengthy curing process, these green pods are transformed into exquisite black vanilla pods used for baking and desserts.
Organic, Fair trade, Easy to remove the vanilla seeds, Pop your used vanilla pod into a jar of sugar to infuse the sugar with the vanilla flavour

OrganicSuitable for vegetarians