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Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser

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Having clean, sterilised bottles ready for every feed is an essential part of caring for your baby. With the Tommee Tippee Advanced Steam Steriliser you can sterilise up to 6 bottles in just 5 minutes flat. 

Using only natural steam to envelope every surface, this electric steam steriliser kills 99% of germs that may linger in bottles, teats, breast pumps and other baby feeding accessories. 

With enough space to fit a wide range of bottles, soothers and breast pump accessories, it’s the quick and easy way to protect your baby's tiny tummy from harmful bacteria.

6 sterile bottles in 5 minutes, Protect your baby's tummy from harmful bacteria, Kills 99.9% of harmful germs, 100% natural - uses steam not chemicals, Fits most branded bottles, breast pumps and soothers, BPA free, Feed ready in minutes 100% natural steam sterilising to protect tiny tummies
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