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Troo Energising Porridge+ 400g

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How Do You Eat Yours?
We love our porridge made the traditional way with warm milk when it's chilly or as overnight oats when it's warm. Add fruit for extra fibre as well as flavour.

Gut Healthy Goodness™
Enjoy our Troo Porridge+ with naturally uplifting chocolate and a touch of the ancient maca root. With chicory inulin for 2x the fibre of standard porridge.*

Research from the World Health Organisation suggests that eating at least 30g of fibre per day could really improve your health. All our yummy Troo products contain at least 25% of your daily fibre requirements in one portion! They have been especially developed to contain lots of functional fibre* that helps support gut health as well as excluding gut irritants. The perfect way to start the day or to use as a healthy ingredient.
*Each 50g portion or Troo porridge+ contains over 30g of oats and at least 8g of fibre. Standard porridge oats contain C. 4g of fibre per 50g portion.

Each Bowl Contains
**6g prebiotic fibre
**Each 50g portion contains 6g of your 12g per day of chicory inulin which contributes to normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency - how Troo is your poo?!
8g Fiber Per Bowl, Gluten Free, Good for You - Good for the World, Low Sugar, Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for the microwaveSuitable for vegetarians