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Troo Granola Nicely Nutty with Soothing Cinnamon 350g

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*Functional Fibre + 15% Protein

How Do You Eat Yours?
We enjoy our Troo Granola with live yoghurt and fresh fruit, but you can serve it as you like, maybe with some oat milk?

Honest Healthy Goodness
Trooly nutty! We only use proper hunky, chunky nuts that you can see and taste.
Spiced with soothing cinnamon but no added sugar. Healthy food that's totally yummy.

Research from the World Health Organisation suggests that eating at least 30g of fibre per day could really improve your health. All our yummy Troo products contain at least 25% of your daily fibre requirements in one portion! They have been especially developed to contain lots of functional fibre that helps support gut health as well as excluding gut irritants. The perfect way to start the day or to nibble on as a healthy snack.

*Oat fibre is a functional fibre in relation to its contribution to an increase in faecal bulk. Each 45 g portion of Troo granola contains over 20g of oats and at least 9 g of fibre.

Each Bowl Contains 6g Prebiotic Fibre**
**Each 45g portion contains 6g of your 12g per day of chicory Inulin which contributes to normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency - how Troo is your poo?!

Gut Microbiome - The technical name for the trillions of bacteria, fungi and microbes that live in your gut.
Polyphenols - Micro nutrients from plants that can enhance the growth of good gut bacteria.
Prebiotic - A type of functional fibre that helps nourish your good gut bacteria.
Probiotic - The actual good gut bacteria itself.
SCFA - Short chain fatty acids the beneficial output created when some bacteria consume the prebiotic fibre
9g Fibre Per Bowl, Low Sugar, Gluten Free, Good for You - Good for the World, We Cook in Small Batches to make it as close to homemade as Possible, We Love Using beautiful Jumbo Gluten Free Oats, All Natural No Nasties, Just Real, Tasty Food, No Fake News - Honest Healthy Goodness, Suitable for Vegans

Suitable for vegetarians