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Doves Farm Organic Self Raising Wholemeal Flour 1kg

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Suitable for vegans
Organic self-raising wholemeal flour
Organic Stone ground very finely from soft English wheat grain with added raising agents. This 100% wholemeal flour will make surprisingly light home made cakes.
At Doves Farm we make biscuits, cookies and a large range of bread, cake and speciality flours.
'We are passionate about home baking and also believe that what we eat today will effect our health tomorrow. As well as being a satisfying and rewarding activity, when you bake at home you can select the best quality, local and seasonal ingredients, and be certain of what has gone into your food. You and your family will enjoy great tasting home made food. We often double the recipe and when baked, freeze half to eat at a later date.
'In our mill we make a large range of flours from many different natural grains, beans & seeds without adding refined gluten or enzymes. We blend specific grain varieties to ensure that the resulting flour has the optimum characteristic for the type of baking it will be used for. This means soft wheat varieties for cakes, pastry and sauces or stronger hard wheat for bread making flours. The more unusual flours have distinctive characters and applications of their own. If you are on a special diet look out for those flours that suit your situation.
'We set up Doves Farm Foods to mill the organic grain we grow on our farm. As organic farmers, and like colleagues around the world, we follow international organic rules and are pleased that the standards do not permit genetic engineering. We rotate crops, grassland and livestock to develop natural soil fertility and to help wildlife conservation.'
Clare & Michael, Doves Farm
Wheat growing at Doves Farm
Packaging Material: paper
Soil Association Organic (Organic certification UK5)
Organic, Very fine, stoneground organic flour with raising agents for light and airy wholemeal cakes, Kosher - KLBD, Parve
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

OrganicSuitable for vegetarians

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