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Raw Gorilla Rawberry Crispies 250g

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Organic & Raw, Activated, Natural breakfast, 12% Protein & Fibre Rich, Un-refined, Un-Glutened, Un-rubbished!, Gluten free, Grain Free, Dairy & Soy Free, Natural sugars only, Suitable for Vegan & Paleo diets & healthy people!

No Rubbish in here!

All our nuts & seeds are Activated & Organic this means they take a bath and then a light sauna to perk up (soaked in water, and dehydrated under 42°C). To aid digestion.


Be More Gorilla


Because Gorilla's have got it sorted.

They're happy, they're healthy, and they're in harmony with nature.

So we take a leaf from our primal pals, we don't mess with nature. And why would we?

Nature rules. Nature is balanced, Nature is delicious.

Just like everything in this box.

100% natural; no processing, no refining, no cooking.

Just delicious, activated, raw goodness, to fill your tum.

Love me morning, noon & night!

Let's be more Gorilla!

What's in Me...?


Organic Juicy Strawberries: One of Nature's prettiest & tastiest berries. Strawberries shaped like hearts means love & happiness all year round.

Pecan Nuts

Pecans, the smooth and posh cousin of the walnuts (we love walnuts too), the king of the nut Kingdom, so creamy and so rich in taste & a heavenly match with strawberries.

Sunflower Seeds

Sweet and nutty these little gems provide wonderful flavours and crunch! Our organic activated Sunflower seeds give a yummy nutty taste to our Crispies.


What a find this wonderful fruit is, it looks like an orange avocado, naturally sweet, praised as Nature's dairy-free caramel.

Buckwheat Seeds

These humble small yet powerful seeds are naturally crunchy, tasty, and gluten-free. Activated to burst them into life, they are an awesome base for all our raw breakfast crispies.

Only Natural protein rich ingredients, no added protein powder fillers, and certainly no whey Jose!

Country of Origin
United Kingdom

OrganicSuitable for vegetarians