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Rude Health Puffed Brown Rice 225g

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Simple. Light. Crispy. Puffed Brown Rice.

It ain't heavy. It's my breakfast.
Believe it or not, each of these fluffy while clouds started as a grain of brown rice. We just compress it, pause for a while, then release the pressure. There is a satisfying bratatata sound and it turns in these crispy, little bites. A lighter way to start your day.

Puffed rice. The original puffed cereal.
An inventor called Alexander Anderson shot rice out of a gun at the St Louis World's Fair of 1904. Like all great ideas, it was beautifully simple. We haven't really done anything to Alexander's recipe - it's so pure it's unimprovable.

Yin and Yang
Puffed Brown Rice is the perfect minimalist breakfast, but if you're after a bit more pow than peace, our Ultimate Muesli should hit the spot.
Light & fluffy, 100% rice, that's it, Gluten free, Vegetarian Society approved, Kosher - KLBD
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Suitable for vegetarians