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Rude Health Puffed Oats 175g

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Whatever floats your oats
Toasty, nutty, subtle and simple. Each puff is a single oat, simply puffed to perfection. Like minimalism, but edible. Our clever popping method turns the grain in to an oaty, floaty sensation, with no added anythings, so you can add your own choice of sweet somethings.

How we like it
Maple syrup, honey or date syrup with bananas make for a breakfast bonanza.

Know your oats
The Ancient Greeks and Romans preferred wheat to oats, and looked down on the porridge-scoffing northern tribes. Of course, the northerners got the last laugh, because they burned Rome. We like to think they owe their victory to oats, but we'll leave the facts to the experts, and stick to the eating bit.

Oats. Just Oats. Nothing but the grain.
Light & toasty, High fibre, 100% oats. That's it, Suitable for vegans, Vegetarian Society approved, Kosher - KLBD
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Suitable for vegetarians