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Tilda Wild Rice 250g

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Open this box of Tilda Giant Wild Rice and you'll open yourself up to a world of delicious possibilities.
Known as the 'caviar of grains' this deliciously nutty grain is actually an aquatic grass highly prized by North Americans for centuries. Giant Wild Rice is higher in protein than most other wholegrains and is at its best when the grains are allowed to pop or "flower' open during cooking, releasing the distinctive smoky aroma.
This versatile rice adds contrast and bite to give that special something to salads, stuffings or casseroles. So whether you are planning a gourmet dinner to impress or looking for a luxurious twist to your show stopping pilaf, you are in good hands with us.
Wholegrain, Perfect for Soups Aperture Salads, Pilafe and Stuffing, Ultimate Gourmet Rice, Gluten Free, Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
Country of Origin
United States

Suitable for vegetarians