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Raw Gorilla Mighty Muesli Keto 250g

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Raw, Activated & Delicious.

20% protein, zero sugar, low carbs, Organic & raw, Free from cow & grains, Un-processed, Un-refined, Un-glutened, Un-rubbish!, Only naturally occurring proteins, no protein powders or fillers, and certainly no whey Jose!, Suitable for Vegans, Keto diets

Be More Gorilla


Because Gorilla's have got it sorted.

They're happy, they're healthy, and they're in harmony with nature.

So we take a leaf from our primal pals, we don't mess with nature. And why would we?

Nature rules. Nature is balanced. Nature is delicious.

Just like everything in this box.

100% natural: no processing, no refining, no cooking.

Just delicious, activated, raw goodness, to fill your tum.

Love me morning, noon & night!

Let's Be More Gorilla!

What's in Me?

All our nuts and seeds are activated, this means they take a bath and then a light sauna to perk up. (soaked in water, and dried under 42? keeping them raw)

Sunflower Seeds - Sweet and nutty these little gems provide a nutty crunch to our KETO muesli.

Flax Seeds - We love these little seeds for their texture and natural oils, they are a bit boring but get your bowels moving!

Coconut - Our Heavenly Raw & Organic Coconut Chips add a natural silky sweetness to compliment our crunchy Mighty Keto Muesli recipe.

Cashew Nuts - We are nutty about our nuts and Cashews are a favourite, with their oh so creamy texture and flavour.

Pumpkin Seeds - Provide a rich earthy flavour and a source of fibre. You alright Pumpkin?

Cacao Nibs - Known as nature”s chocolate chips, Raw Organic Cacao nibs are nutritional powerhouses and chocolate of course is the food of love!

Chia - Chia tastes a bit like poppy seed. They are dense, small, crunchy and compliment all the other seeds, they live happily together in harmony.

The Gorilla Organization

Gorillas are our inspiration, we support this charity fighting to keep Gorilla's from extinction. www.gorillas.org

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OrganicSuitable for vegetarians